Super pet nut knot nibbler

Chews are extremely important for wearing down a guinea pigs teeth as they are consistently growing. If these teeth get too long, they can cause problems as serious are preventing the guinea pig from being able to eat.  But is the super pet knot nibbler a good toy to buy for your pet guinea pig? This toy is meant for all rodents from mice to chinchillas and is made of wood sticks joined together.

All guinea pigs are different and while some will gnaw toy, others won’t, so don’t be discouraged if your guinea pig ignores the cute and colorful toys that you have brought him. Some just aren’t interested.

Unfortunately, while this toy has been enjoyed by lots of animals and gnawed at, it is not recommended because the sticks are so full of dye that it has been known to come off on their tongues and be swallowed and it has also been known to splinter. Also, although it is difficult to see, there is actually an almond nut in the middle which is not healthy for guinea pigs as they can choke on nuts. Nuts are also fatty and high in calories. Apart from this, some have found the nut to have gone off after purchase.

Other recommenced chews!

Apple sticks are a much loved and will be stripped within days! My guinea pigs went for them like crazy!

Grass balls are something to get excited over!

Paper bags are lots of fun to hide in and guinea pigs usually rip them to shreds!

Make sure to stay away from chews that have dyes, nuts and anything suspicious in them. Chews made of grass, hay or twigs are preferable.




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