Re-homing Guinea pigs

Re-homing can mean two things. Re-homing your guinea pigs, or giving a home to guinea pigs in need.

Tips for getting accepted into adoption!

Rescues can be pretty tough when it comes to letting their guinea pigs go into a new home. They won’t pick just anyone! Since most are run from a personal home, they don’t want just anyone turning up on their doorstep and you must fill out an application form before you are able to go and see the guinea pigs.

Some rescues do talk to their applicants and explain what it is that they need to improve on but a lot of people get rejected and aren’t told why, so here are some tips to help you get accepted on the first application.

Tip 1: Do your re-search. Rescues need to know that you are able to care for your pets properly. This means the right food, cage, bedding and toys. The more re-search you do, the more you will know, the better equipped you will be to answer their questions.

Also have a look on your rescue’s website and see what their adoption policies are. Some will also do house checks to double check.

Tip 2: While some rescues to allow their animals to be kept outside, most don’t, and you will need to have an indoor cage that meets the standard size requirements or more. A c&c cage with fleece bedding is the safest bet!

Tip 3: If they ask, explain in detail what you are going to feed your guinea pigs which will be good quality pellets, unlimited hay, fresh veggies and grass. Since most people don’t really know what the correct diet is for a guinea pig, your knowledge will prove them that you understand and have done the research!

Tip 4: Do not, under any circumstances say that you are getting the guinea pigs for your children. If you are, that’s okay as long as you are prepared to take care of them, but rescues have seen this too many times where parents get the guinea pigs for their children and then they get bored of them and the pigs end up back at the shelter. Make absolutely sure that you will supervise their care because if you don’t they could easily become neglected.

Tip 5: Have a back-up plan for a “just-in-case I move house what will I do with my guinea pigs ready. Rescues like to know, most of all, that you will be certain to surrender them back if something happens and you cannot keep them anymore. Remember that it is always possible to keep your guinea pigs. Even if you are moving overseas there are companies that are skilled in overseeing the whole process and making it less stressful for your pets.

Tip 5: Answer each any every one of the questions on the adoption form with as much detail as you can. You want to appear and experienced and knowledgeable person, even if you are a first timer, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Tip 6: If you are required to send a photograph of your cage, make sure it is in a good place where there are no drafts and it is not too hot or too cold, not under a window. Take the best picture you can with the cage all ready and set up. Just as if you were about to put the guinea pigs straight inside!

Tip 7: Absolutely, under no circumstance say that you are or were a breeder. Even if you used to be but aren’t anymore because the one thing that rescues loathe the most are breeders. Most get their pigs de-sexed to make it impossible for buyers to breed. They go to great lengths to avoid receiving unwanted “breeders stock” and making sure that none of their guinea pigs go to a breeders home. Rescuing and breeding don’t go together.


Rescues want to see all their pigs successfully and happily adopted out and they will do their utmost to make it possible with you. Don’t be put off by all the strict rules and the process of adoption, it is so worth it and just imagine if they didn’t do what they were doing! There would be so many more unwanted guinea pigs in the world!









On the other hand sometimes it is impossible to get to a rescue because they live on the other side of the country or maybe you don’t even have one in your region! Wait a minute, before you rush over the the pet shop or breeder, have a look at some of the classifieds or listings in your area. You may be surprised to see just how many guinea pigs are needing a home!






So why do people re-home their guinea pigs?

The reason we are called Guinea Pigs Forever as a website is because to us- guinea pigs are forever! You buy one and you keep it, you don’t re-home it because you found something better or you wanted to move.

Of course, we understand completely that some things are inevitable. Sometimes life throws curve balls that you don’t see coming and if you or a family member gets sick or your landlord wants you to get rid of the pets and you have nowhere else to go- whatever, sometimes you just have to let go 🙁

Still, sometimes there is another way!

Allergies: Having allergies, no matter how severe doesn’t mean that you can’t keep pets anymore! It just means that you need to take more precautions. First of all see your doctor to make sure that it is actually caused by your pets and not something else. Then, whether the allergy is caused by dander or saliva, talk to your doctor about what you could do to minimize the symptoms whether that might be by giving your pets a bath each week or trying various treatments.

Having a baby: Babies can be very demanding and take up a lot of time and energy- but is getting rid of the animals the answer? Ask for help! There are a lot of people who would be happy to look after your pets for you in exchange for some free baby sitting or pet walking in the future. Some day the kids will grow up (too fast) and you WILL have the time to take care of them again!

If you are worried about allergies, please take note that studies show that children are less likely to grow up with allergies if they have a pet, then of those who don’t have any pets at all! It is also a known fact that children are less likely to be scared of animals if they grew up with them in the home.

Moving house: Did you know that there are a lot of companies just waiting to shift your beloved pet for you to your home destination. It always surprises me that people sell their pets before moving house when it is perfectly acceptable to take them with you!

Make sure to find a reputable company that has a lot of good reviews then depending on whether your pets are going by bus or plane you can rest assured that they are being taken care of and will arrive shortly after you when you are settled in your new home.

Getting another pet: One of the more common reasons for people to get rid of their guinea pigs is to get a dog! Dogs can be trained to leave guinea pigs alone, but if not, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure their safety such as: keeping them in a closed room and securing the cage!