National Guinea Pig Day

Also known as guinea pig appreciation day this is a time to celebrate our lovely furry little friends who have been one of the longest domesticated animals in history. Its no wonder they’re so popular with their sweet noses, personalities and nature! The date is the 27th of August and while there aren’t any public celebrations there are lots of things you can do to mark this special day for you and your pigs!

How to celebrate National Guinea Pig Day!

Tell the world!

Send out a tweet to all your followers to remind them that today is guinea pig day and mark the occasion. Attach a cute picture of your own guinea pigs if you like!

Think about your very first guinea pigs, how long have you owned guinea pigs for, how many guinea pigs have you had over the years? Even if you are a first timer, you can still celebrate your first guinea pigs of many to come.

Take a photo shoot

Make a cute sign ”happy guinea pig day” with coloring pens or pencils and hang it above your guinea pig with some balloons and confetti then take some pictures! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, even the simplest of photos can say a thousand words. Think of how wonderful it will be to look back on your beautiful pigs when they have passed over the rainbow bridge and remember them.


Have some fun browsing the web and looking at some gorgeous piggy pictures! Watch piggy videos and have a look through some cute cavy websites like this one 😉

You can get lost just browsing for hours about guinea pigs!

Make some special piggy goody treats

Stuffed capsicums, cucumbers, salads with eyes and a nose you name it! Your guinea pigs won’t be picky when all of their favorite veggies are arranged into a pattern or cut into figurines.

Don’t forget to make some treats for yourself too your guinea pigs shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun! Make a cake with marzipan guinea pigs on top if you have the patience!

Buy a present!

If your feeling like going all out why not buy them something special! A new bed or something cheaper like a willow twig ball for them to chew on.

Present ideas…

(I recommend the strawberry house! Big hit with my three!)

Do up their cage!

Even if the cage is not due for cleaning, deck it out anyway! Fresh bedding, new toys and a nice clean cage always makes piggies popcorn with delight! If you have any cardboard boxes or paper bags then your pigs will be super excited!

Personally I didn’t find out about national guinea pig day till this year and I am super excited to celebrate it along with my two little pigs. I’ll be sure to update this post with more ideas when the time comes! Have you celebrated guinea pig day? What would you do?




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