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guinea-pig-magazineThere are many magazines for dogs, cats, horses and even hamsters! Guinea pigs seemed to be the only critter out there without their own magazine, until now! The one and only guinea pig magazine in the world is in the UK.

My story

I always struggled with magazines. None of them had more then ten pages that interested me except the New Zealand PET magazine that closed down.  Even the ones I enjoyed had too many sections that simply didn’t interest me.

The other problem, is that I had this obsessive need to collect all the back issues as well, and most of the magazines were by now in their 100s. Then I found guinea pig magazine! It was still so new when it came out that I could, and can still buy the back issues too!

guinea-pig-magazine-2guinea-pig-magazine-1Guinea pig magazine  battled for a long time to get their magazines into the market. Their first issue was sent out in March 2011, A is for Abyssinians was a bit hit and the issues have been growing since!

Apart from the gorgeous pictures, helpful information and un-biased view of the piggy world in general (guinea pig magazine doesn’t judge breeding or showing), one of the most delightful pages featured in each magazine is the “In Memory of…”

If you have lost a dear guinea pig over the bridge, you can send in a tribute with a picture that will be published in the next issue. Not only that, but from then on, your guinea pig will be a star on that page, literally!

Some of the regular features include= an article on a different breed each week, medical care advise, rescue story and the all important guinea gallery! Send in a picture of your wee piggy and see him or her in the latest issue!

I truly recommend guinea pig magazine! It is the best, one and only magazine for people with OCCD! Obsessive Compulsive Cavy Disorder!


…and these are just the back issues! Wait till you see what the latest issues are all about!!!






2 thoughts on “Guinea pig magazine

  • November 30, 2016 at 6:20 am

    Wow have just been having a look around. What great information. I too always thought guineapigs lived in a cage down the backyard. Thank you for opening my eyes up to just how cute they can be, and to how they should be cared for.

    • November 30, 2016 at 7:57 pm

      Thank you! I’m so glad that I can help people take better care of their guinea pigs!


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