Grooming long haired guinea pigs


Many breeds of guinea pigs like Silkies and Peruvians need to be groomed daily to keep their fur from matting and becoming dirty. Along with this is an importance of trimming back the fur to keep the bottom clean and the fur from dragging on the ground.

Your Grooming Tasks

  • Brush once a day
  • Trim fur once every two weeks
  • Do a full body clip in the hot months of summer
  • Wash and shampoo once or twice a year

How to clip your guinea pig

For grooming long haired guinea pigs, I highly recommend the codo clipper that I use. They have low noise and are so easy to use that you don’t need to be a professional groomer to do a nice job! Many types come with several guards which you can attach to the front to stop you from clipping away too much hair while you are practicing. Plus there is no risk of you cutting your piggie in the process.

You can use scissors but the end result is always chopped and rough not to mention the risk of nicking your guinea pig.

When summer comes along, and your guinea pigs go outside on the grass, you may want to do a full body clip of your long haired guinea pig/s because then it will be easier to keep your piggies cooler in the heat and tidier outside. However, during the winter, you may want to allow your piggies hair to grow back out and then all you need to do is trim the ends.

Be very careful when clipping the bottom area, this must be done gently, gradually clipping the excess hair away until the bottom area is clear. If you choose not to clip the fur around it, you will have to wash it regularly because otherwise the hair gets wet with urine and mucky with feces.




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